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Bioelements 3-Step Mini Starter Set: Combination Skin

Bioelements 3-Step Mini Starter Set: Combination Skin

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Combination skin is a presence of oil and dryness in one skin type, usually excess oil on your t-zone, and dryness on your cheeks.

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Dry + oily skin all in one? It's a puzzle we can solve with 3 mini-size daily essentials. This 3-step system includes a mini-size cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to target and rebalance combination skin – without causing dry areas to get drier, or oily areas to get oilier.

How to tell if you have combination skin:

  • gets moderately oily a few hours after cleansing
  • can feel dehydrated; visible t-zone pores
  • occasional clogged pores/breakouts

This Kit Includes:

  • Flash Foam Cleanser, 1.75 oz: Exfoliating cleanser with papaya, pineapple + pumpkin enzymes. Cleanses away makeup, dirt and impurities; gently exfoliates dulling surface flakes, leaving skin soft, smooth and refreshed.
  • Equalizer, 1 oz: Hydrating toner mist to refresh and nourish with natural plant extracts. Delivers needed hydration to rebalance just-cleansed skin. Refreshing, gentle + non-drying.
  • Absolute Moisture, .25 oz: Lightweight moisturizer with self-adjusting hydrators to balance combination skin. Intelligent self-adjusting hydrators balance water-to-oil levels, so every area gets the exact amount of hydration it needs.

Flash Foam Cleanser: pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple extracts to gently exfoliate the skin
Equalizer: plant-derived geranium, ylang ylang + rose essential oils deliver natural aromatherapy

Absolute Moisture: moisture-binding humectants, plus avocado, almond + jojoba oils


Flash Foam Cleanser: Apply to wet skin and massage over face. Rinse.
Equalizer: After cleansing, spritz all over face, neck and v-area.

Absolute Moisture: Apply to entire face and neck.

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